Meet Rich

I have created Strength Coach Curriculums having coached at all levels, ran MSc degrees and supported hundreds of coaches over the past 10+ years.

No matter what people may tell you, being, and developing as an S&C coach is hard.

You need to constantly learn, get feedback, and be able to cut through the noise. But finding and doing those things amoungst the world of social media gurus is far from simple.

I've seen and experienced first hand how hard it is to find education which provides support, doesn't just scim over the details and allows for strategic development. I've wasted money on online courses which don't deliver, seen developing coaches get led astray and noted the lack opportunities to genuinely move forwards.

Strength Coach Curriculums has been built to be the solution to all those problems...

Lets Get Started!

What We Guarentee


All of our curriculums are designed for MSc level and above. This means we're not simply skimming the surface and moving on, we help you develop and progress as an expert. 


You will have unlimited time to ask questions and tutors are available to support students every step of the way; ensuring your full comprehension of all topics.


Benefit from being in a group of likeminded individuals and find out what other people are doing. Our courses are about learning content and also hearing other perspectives. 


Knowledge and clarity of the first principles are important, but it's your application that counts. Join us and have the opportunity to share your own work.

Our Advisory Board and Contributors

Mark Bennett

Sports Performance Consultant

Experienced high-performance consultant and strength and conditioning coach. Mark has been involved in elite sports as a performer and coach for 30 years. He has worked with and advised elite athletes from a variety of sports that includes rugby union and tennis. 

Dr James Wild

Sports Performance Consultant

Using a blend of S&C and biomechanics techniques with skill acquisition and motor learning principles to help address sports performance problems, James has worked with coaches and athletes across a full spectrum of abilities over the last 20 years, including medal winning teams and athletes at major international competitions.

Dr Neil Welch

Head of SSC Lab at the Sports Surgery Clinic

Neil's work has given him a broad exposure to the role S&C can play in injury rehab, performance sport and general health and wellbeing. His research and coaching interests are predominantly around COD technique and the relationship with various strength and power qualities.

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • You feel confused and anxious about decisions and priorities

  • You have long term goals but a lack of strategy in what can get you there

  • You are surrounded by S&C information but need to improve your content filter to aid progress
  • You want guarenteed quality of content in your education

  • You aren't interested in catch all courses that scim the surface of everything

  • You want to engage in courses which allow for discussion to help you apply relevant components

What The Students Have Said!

"Cuts through the noise of social media fluff and gets right to the key principles that actually impact performance and injury risk - Nothing else like this on the market. Highly recommended"

- Ben Saldivar (ACL Specialist Physio, UK)

"One of the most informative and educational courses I've ever done - it's really clearer up an areas I wasn't as comfortable with. Would recommend it to everyone as the content isn't replicated anywhere else"

- Arthur Lawlor (S&C Coach, PE Teacher, Dubai)

"Can't recommend it enough! Great to speak to the experts and other attendees. Undoubtably one of the best courses I've done"

- Harry Jell (S&C Coach, Sheffield United, UK)

"It's immediately impacted how we do things and what we see at the club"

- Tom Ball (Senior S&C Coach, Premier League, UK)

"100% recommended - I hugely benefitted from this course and have applied it to my practice of both sports medicine and performance enhancement"

- Nathan Stern (Dr of Physical Therapy, US)

"Head and shoulders above any course where the experts aren't available and you can't get deep into questions"

- Ned Partridge (S&C Coach, Bristol Bears Rugby, UK)

"Brilliant - COD and agility have always been one big gap for me and I've seen an immediate difference in my practice. The connection with other coaches is the cherry on the cake"

- Diogo Costa, (S&C Coach, Portugal)

"This course is brilliant! Various forms of content, guest sessions, opportunity for discussion and great value!"

- Ash Stoneman (S&C Coach at Bromley Tennis Academy, UK)

"Rich's content is spot on the mark for anyone wanting to improve their agility practices. It's even helped me clarify my own thoughts. Certainly recommended"

- Warren Young (Adjunct Professor at Federation University Australia)

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