ERIK MIERA - The Role of The Quad in ACL Prevention

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DR JAMIE SALTER - Training Load and Maturation in Academy Football

DR CHRIS SZEDLAK - Psychosocial Behaviours in S&C Coaching

DR IBRAHIM AKUBAT - Understanding Internal Training Load

SHYAM CHAVDA - Weightlifting KPI's and Technical Models

HARJIV SINGH - The Role of Language in Motor Learning

TOM DOS SANTOS - The Performance and Injury Conflict in COD

DR LOUISE HOWE - Movement, Dorsi-flexion and Regional Interdependance

ED BAKER - Principles of Neuro-rehab

JAMES WILD - Sprint Acceleration In Team Sport Athletes

MIKE ASHFORD - Decision Making in Team Invasion Sports

DAMIAN HARPER - Proficient Deceleration

DR BRUCE WILLIAMS - The Foot, Ankle and Shoe-Surface Interaction

DR JASON AVEDESIAN - Concussion And Injury Risk

SIMON BREARLEY - Transfer Of Training, Specificity And Golf

DR NEIL WELCH - Performance and Rehab in COD

DR RICH BLAGROVE - Strength Training For Endurance Performance

DR SEAN MALONEY - Understanding Stiffness

DR JON HUGHES - Monitoring and Performance Implications of Muscle Damage

GREG LEHMAN - Spine Biomechanics During Lifting

ANTHONY TURNER - Evidence Based Practice and High Performance Models

DR CHRIS BISHOP - Asymmetries And Performance

RYAN KING: Problem Solving & Working in Multi-disciplinary Teams

TIM KETTENRING: The C is for Conditioning

DAN HOWELLS - Soft Skills, Personal Development and Adapting to Context

DR JOHN STOSZOKSKI - Practical Philosophy for Coaches

STUART MCMILLAN - Digging Deeper Into Skill And What We Are Actually Affecting In Training

CAREERS: GARY PEPPERELL - Early Career Development

CAREERS: DAVE CRIPPS - From the Pro's to Private Gym Owner

Reconsidering RSI with Chris Bishop and Mark Bennett

CAREERS: Owen Satterly on the Journey from Sports Academy to Corporate Wellbeing

CAREERS: Career Iteration and Unconventional Paths with Ben Cartwright

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