Sean Maloney - Show Notes

In this episode, Dr Sean Maloney and I discuss stiffness and its associations with performance and injury risk. Sean is Strength and Conditioning coach for a range of athletes including Badminton England Juniors and a part time lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire and Middlesex University. Sean received his PhD from the University of Bedfordshire in the field of biomechanics.

Key papers highlighted:

Lower limb stiffness testing in athletic performance: a critical review

Lower Extremity Stiffness: Considerations for Testing, Performance Enhancement, and Injury Risk

Tendon stiffness: methods of measurement and significance for the control of movement. A review

Passive and active muscle stiffness in plantar flexors of long distance runners

Acute effects of static stretching on leg-spring behavior during hopping

Is passive metatarsophalangeal joint stiffness related to leg stiffness, vertical stiffness and running economy during sub-maximal running?

Investigation into the relationship between the passive flexibility and active stiffness of the ankle plantar-flexor muscles

Passive dorsiflexion stiffness is poorly correlated with passive dorsiflexion range of motion

Effects of passive ankle dorsiflexion stiffness on ankle mechanics during drop landings

Dynamic stretching does not change the stiffness of the muscle-tendon unit

Do stiffness and asymmetries predict change of direction performance?

A comparison of methods to determine bilateral asymmetries in vertical leg stiffness

Vertical stiffness asymmetries during drop jumping are related to ankle stiffness asymmetries

Unilateral Stiffness Interventions Augment Vertical Stiffness And Change Of Direction Speed

Are knee mechanics during early stance related to tibial stress fracture in runners?

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