Why Agility Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

In the gym we are confident, regimented and consistent. On the pitch, we are confused, intermittent and sporadic. But what changes?


Fundamental Components of 180° Turns

These aren't particularly frequent in sport, but skills here underpin LOTS of other actions

180° Turn Avoidance Strategies

The subtle changes people make to how the execute this movement tells a story. Can you read it?

Cutting Technical Models

A simple way to finally understand cutting technical models! No more confusion

Perception: It's Not Just The Coaches Job

Perception speed and accuracy can have huge performance impact, but are you just expecting it to develop itself?

The Option Position

Ho athletes manipulate defenders and maximise adaptability at speed.

The False Step

Is a step backwards before going forwards really what we want to see?

Moving From Speed To Agility: Deceleration

The first step in moving away from an acceleration and speed only approach is stepping. A hugely important quality which can open the doors to many more movement options

Moving From Speed to Agility: Frontal Plane

Another big step towards multi-directional expertise is getting athletes out of the sagittal plane

Moving From Speed To Agility: Closed To Open

At some point we need to add reactivity and provide open situations

Should You Use Flashing Lights?

We've all seen the use of lights, colours and shouted words and COD stimuli, but are people wasting their time?

The Use of Ladders!

Should they be burned or used frequently on pitch. What role does foot speed have.

COD Considerations For Youth Athletes

Maturation creates a whole host of challenges for multi-directional speed. But what are they?

Why Playing The Game Isn't Enough

Playing the game is important and useful. But its a very small component of what athletes need.

Why We Need To Consider More Than Linear Speed

We LOVE speed development. But athletes aren't sprinters. They need more than linear acceleration

Is There Really A Performance Injury Trade Off?

Does injury risk go up when performance improves?

Testing: If You Aren't assessing You're Guessing

Testing non-linear movements isn't easy, lets consider the levels...

Templates Terminology and Teaching

We need to find a way to make this area more clear...

Anatomy of Agility: A Review

A review of Frans Bosch's - Anatomy of Agility...

What Is Performance?

It isn't about going as fast as possible!

Levelness in Coach Education

Where are you, and what do you need to know to progress?