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Much of your success as a strength and conditioning coach depends on your ability to solve problems and work with other people.


Problem solving requires a deep understanding of principles, experience, and excellent thinking skills.

Working with other members of a team requires an ability to communicate, listen, consider other perspectives, and collaborate on a solution.


The problem is, there aren’t many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding, improve your problem-solving skills or develop your expertise while receiving feedback and support.


Where do you go if…

  • You’ve got an MSc in a different topic (or even S&C) but want to upskill in something new and get some expert support.
  • You’ve done an undergraduate degree, lots of coaching but don’t want to go back into the higher education system to progress your knowledge.
  • You’ve done lots of professional development but just don’t seem to be able to piece things together to enhance your practice.


There are great mentorships available, but these often cover a wide range of topics from a bird’s eye view.

There are great pre-recorded courses, but these often lack application or an opportunity to challenge your understanding with feedback.

There are great in-person education events, but once you’ve listened or watched, you head home to receive no further support.

There are great online communities, but the content and discussion is often lacking structure and not curated to achieve really clear learning outcomes.

All of these types of education or professional development have value, but putting them together to make a more transformative learning process can provide a completely unmatched learning experience. And this is exactly what we strive to do here at Strength Coach Curriculums.

"We provide targeted and transformative courses, career support and consultancy that moves you towards success"

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Rich Clarke

Sports Performance Consultant and Creator of Strength Coach Curriculums

Rich is a strength and conditioning coach and education professional who specialises in agility training, athletic movement, problem solving and coach education. Rich runs the S&C for Bristol Flyers Basketball but has worked across a number of sports over the past 10+ years.

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Dr James Wild

Sports Performance Consultant

Using a blend of S&C and biomechanics techniques with skill acquisition and motor learning principles to help address sports performance problems, James has worked with coaches and athletes across a full spectrum of abilities over the last 20 years, including medal winning teams and athletes at major international competitions.

Mark Bennett

Sports Performance Consultant 

Experienced high-performance consultant and strength and conditioning coach. Mark has been involved in elite sports as a performer and coach for 30 years. He has worked with and advised elite athletes from a variety of sports that includes rugby union and tennis. 

Dr Neil Welch

Head of SSC Lab at the Sports Surgery Clinic

Neil's work has given him a broad exposure to the role S&C can play in injury rehab, performance sport and general health and wellbeing. His research and coaching interests are predominantly around COD technique and the relationship with various strength and power qualities.

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