Jon Hughes – Show Notes

This episode Dr Jonathan Hughes and I discuss what implications muscle damage has on subsequent performance and monitoring. Jon is currently a senior lecturer in Sport and Exercise at the University of Gloucestershire. He completed his PhD in 2011 from Massey University, NZ with a thesis titled ‘Metabolic Alterations in Skeletal Muscle Following Eccentric Exercise Induced Damage’.

Key papers highlighted:

Muscle damage from eccentric exercise: mechanism, mechanical signs, adaptation and clinical applications

Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Humans

Delayed‐onset muscle soreness does not reflect the magnitude of eccentric exercise‐induced muscle damage

Muscle damage and soreness after endurance exercise of the elbow flexors

Neural and morphological changes in response to a 20-day intense eccentric training protocol

Exercise-induced muscle damage, repair, and adaptation in humans

Exercise-induced skeletal muscle damage and adaptation following repeated bouts of eccentric muscle contractions

Protection against muscle damage following fifty drop jumps conferred by ten drop jumps

Effect of stride length manipulation on symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage and the repeated bout effect

Muscle damage protection by low-intensity eccentric contractions remains for 2 weeks but not 3 weeks

Neuromuscular function after exercise-induced muscle damage

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Twitter: @j_d_hughes


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