Simon Brearley - Show Notes

In this episode Simon Brearley and I discuss transfer of training, training specificity and S&C for golf. Simon is a Consultant Strength & Conditioning Coach with the PGA European Tour Performance Institute and England Golf, as well as Head of Strength & Conditioning at Cranleigh School in Surrey, UK. Our discussion is mainly structured around his recent review article in the Strength and Conditioning Journal.


Transfer of Training: How Specific should we be?

Key papers highlighted:

Training transfer: scientific background and insights for practical application

Relationships between Challenge Tour golfers' clubhead velocity and force producing capabilities during a countermovement jump and isometric mid-thigh pull

Can resistance training enhance the rapid force development in unloaded dynamic isoinertial multi-joint movements? A systematic review

Coaches' philosophies on the transfer of strength training to elite sports performance

The importance of muscular strength in athletic performance

Increases in lower-body strength transfer positively to sprint performance: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Generality versus specificity: a comparison of dynamic and isometric measures of strength and speed-strength

Effectiveness of an individualized training based on force-velocity profiling during jumping

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Twitter: @resolveperf


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