Tom Dos'Santos - Show Notes

In this episode Tom Dos'Santos and I discuss a range of change of direction concepts including the performance and injury conflict. Tom is a Technical Demonstrator at The University of Salford and has just completed his PhD titled 'Biomechanical Determinants of Performance and Injury Risk in Change of Direction'. Tom has a range of useful publications available through his Research Gate page

Further Reading:

Predictors of frontal plane knee moments during side-step cutting to 45 and 110 men and women: implications for ACL injury

Reducing knee and anterior cruciate ligament injuries among female athletes–a systematic review of neuromuscular training interventions

The mechanistic connection between the trunk, knee, and anterior cruciate ligament injury

Change-of-Direction Biomechanics: Is What's Best for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Also Best for Performance?

Cutting mechanics: relation to performance and anterior cruciate ligament injury risk.

The effect of angle and velocity on change of direction biomechanics: An angle-velocity trade-off

Metabolic power requirement of change of direction speed in young soccer players: not all is what it seems

Role of the Penultimate Foot Contact During Change of Direction: Implications on Performance and Risk of Injury

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Twitter: @TomDosSantos91





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