Deceleration Decoded

Lifting the cover on the forgotten factor of performance

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Deceleration demands result in damage and fatigue.

Injuries often occur at the initiation of ground contact during braking. So start doing this quality justice!


Braking actions need huge force outputs, but to be optimally effective in context, we need to develop key movement skills, not just capacities


Understand how to profile deceleration, assess movement skills and coach to enhance outcomes. Its time to move forwards from "sprint and stop on this line"

What It's All About

Deceleration has more recently become a hot topic. But it's been ignored for years!

Why is it that we have so poorly explored a movement which:

  • Is associated with the most muscle damage
  • Occurs more frequently than acceleration
  • Is strongly linked to injury occurance
  • Has more intensity and tissue stress than any other task

The answer in my opinion has been testing.

What gets measured gets managed!

We have traditionally only focussed on simple, easy to gather linear speed measures, but luckily we are moving on! The research from Damian Harper has helped us understand testing, game impact and capacities better over time.

It is now time to take that one step further and apply our theoretical understanding of capacities with movement demands, skills, training progressions and how they are effected by different tasks and contexts.

No longer is on pitch training just exposure to straight line sprinting and some A-skips. 21st century sport, and training is moving on

For most, the next step is deceleration. It's simple to add to speed training and highy impactful on pitch because of how it creates opportunities for other actions

If all you are currently doing is asking athletes to decelerate to stop on a line, or to sprint up to a cone, turn around and come back then this is exactly what you need!

Who You'll Learn From

Rich Clarke

Sports Performance Consultant

Rich is a strength and conditioning coach and education professional who specialises in agility training, athletic movement, problem solving and coach education. Rich runs the S&C for Bristol Flyers Basketball in the BBL but has worked across a number of sports over the past 10+ years.

What You'll Get & Learn

The course will help you:

  • Understand when and WHY deceleration occurs in sports
  • Apply and evaluate deceleration in different tasks and contexts
  • Assess technical execusion of braking performance without forgetting that the task is in charge
  • Understand and train the required capacities for deceleration
  • Select a testing protocol and outcome variable which fits your environment
  • Develop braking skills with your athletes with isolated and sports specific methods

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