Supporting You Towards Your Status as an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Three practical components, each needing a different combination of skills.

Let us help you understand what assessors are looking for


There will be things that you think you know. But until you've demonstrated you know it, you'll be in a false sense of security.

Let us help you recognise exactly where YOU need to spend your time


Less than 5% of people pass all 4 components first time. Passing 3/4 is achieved by around just 25%!

Let us help you towards that top 5% group

What It's All About

The UKSCA Accreditation is one of the most sought after accreditations in the world. It is recognised in the UK, the USA, Australia and all accross europe.

It is the only accreditation process where you need to attend an assessment day and demonstrate your competence to a group of assessors who haven't previously seen your work. They haven't taught you. They are simply asking themselves the question "do I think this person is sufficiently competent for the UKSCA to endorse them?"

Sounds simple right?

But there is no challenge like it!

Less than 5% of people pass all 4 components first time. Then only 25% of people pass 3/4 components.

However, it's nothing to be scared of! But you just can't rock up and wing it... and we all know that for the majority of other personal training or S&C awards available, you can usually pay your money and guarentee your certificate at the end. So it's a unique challenge.

Achieving your Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC) status will help you stand out from the crowd and help others know they can trust your skills.

But, the process is daunting, IF you are on your own.

At the moment, you're probably apprehensive, a little concerned with seeing the pass rate and are just hoping you can make it through.

But we'll tell you right now, that never really works.

You don't want to be another statistic of having three of four components to re-sit because you said the wrong thing, missed key principles, and weren't seen as competent. You don't want to be unprepared or make silly mistakes, eventually wasting your own time and money.

This 6-week Accelerator programme is all about helping YOU take the next step in your career

We help you walk into the UKSCA Assessment day with confidence and clarity

We help you walk out having passed all four components and entering into the elusive 5%!

Who Will Support You

Rich Clarke

Sports Performance Consultant and Educator

Rich is an ASCC and education professional with over 10 years experience in coaching and coach development

He runs the S&C for Bristol Flyers Basketball and has led 4 different degrees across the UK at both UG and PG level

He has seen 100's of case studies, weightlifting and PAS assessments over his past 10 years in education

He is also a former director of the UKSCA and led the review of the ASCC process in 2019-20

Why It's Here

After working with developing coaches and helping them prepare for the accreditation process for years, there is one thing that has continued to be clear.

Developing coaches need more.

But the problem is, you've been told lots, read lots and seen lots. And you always nod along understanding the information.

Your access to content is not the barrier!

To optimally prepare for the assessment, you don't need more consumption. The reason people fail is more commonly from peoples self awareness, their application of information and their ability to answer questions on their thinking.

So this programme is NOT about content.

This is NOT about us just teaching you stuff.

This is about YOU showing us what YOUR understanding is through tasks, challenges, questions and discussion.

It is this crutial part which leads to us curating some content to help, providing group feedback and key areas of focus.

The Accelerator is a 6-week challenge where the content is guided by YOU.

You'll get weekly challenges, group calls, video recordings and disscussion spaces to transform your confidence and clarity going into the process.

You'll save time, save money and be able to push on with your career knowing you've met the internationally recognised standard with no faffing around.

What People Have Said!

"Rich's help completely clarified things for me. The process expectation, its rationale, and where I really needed to upskill all became more clear"

- Aynsley Fry (Osteopath, ASCC, Business Owner)

Rich supported me with everything from WL coaching to process understanding and generally supporting my confidence, forever grateful!

Jeff Turner - Football Coach and ASCC

What You'll Learn

  • What component of the process you need to improve the most before sitting the assessment
  • What to be prepared for on assessment day
  • The most common reasons candidates fail and how to avoid them
  • The key skills and areas of understanding you need to demonstrate to succeed
  • The key principles needed for success in coaching PAS scenarios and demonstrating weightlifting expertise

What You Get

  • A set of challenges and tasks over 6-weeks that allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Key video recordings covering important principles tailored to the weakness of the group
  • Weekly live calls to ask questions and cover key principles
  • Group interaction with other students to collaborate and support each others development
  • An online forum space to ask questions and post your own videos for feedback

Group 1 of the Accelerator starts on 14th August 2023 and concludes on Friday 22nd September.

All calls will be somewhere between 6 and 10pm on a day of the week which suits the majority of the group

👇 Structure 👇


How does this fit with the UKSCA workshops?

The workshops are designed as education opportunities for those who need to learn the content. However, if you've already completed your BSc or MSc in S&C or even all the workshops, you still need some support, guidance and mentoring to enhance your chances of succeeding in the process. Afterall, having been taught the content doesn't guarentee your ability to use it or explain it in an assessment process

Can you support me 1 on 1?

Not on live calls as part of the programme. But there will be individual feedback, and an opportunity to get all of your questions answered. The programme will run as a group where you can also learn from what other candidates are doing and finding useful. 1 on 1 mentoring through the process can be added seperately.

Who is this suitable for?

To make the most of the programme, you'll need to be currently preparing for your assessment. We suggest you have your Case Study partially created and you are familiar with the components of the process. We will help you optimise your preparation but can't teach you content from scratch.

What kind of tasks will there be?

Tasks will involve sharing parts of your case study, designing progressions and regressions, working collaboratively to identify key principles, submitting weightlifting videos and producing small pieces of work. All designed to highlight your skills and form future discussion.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

No need to worry, all sessions will be de-briefed and you'll be able to ask all questions via the online platform at any time. But your experience and learning will be optimised by your attendance.

Can you guarentee I'll pass the assessments?

No, on the day it is all about what you do, what you say and what confidence you give the assessor in your ability. We'll provide you the best possible preparation but only you can execute when its needed

What if I don't pass the assessment and need more help?

Don't worry, if you don't pass all the assessments you can repeat the programme and join the next group with significant discounts! If you simply need to ask a few questions and clarification, you can do this through the online platform which you will maintain access to for 3-months after the programme.